Do you remember the old days (back in 2007) when the internet marketing industry was like the Wild Wild West?

After buying a course and learning the hoops of the game, the average person approached affiliate marketing like Clint Eastwood in the 'Man With No Name' western movie series. The mysterious 'know-it-all' Lone Ranger who took on the world with his quick-draw, sheer wit and galloped into the sunset after bringing peace to the good townsfolk and collecting his bounty of gold.


It's been 7 years since 2007 and as I write this... my heart goes out to all those affiliates who're still playing the Lone Ranger gig while trying to build a profitable internet empire --- all by themselves. (sigh)

You don't need to do that anymore, friend. The weather has changed. It's more favorable today. There's a better way that can save you years of turmoil and gain superior results. Which is why I am excited to share this with you today.

Let's start with the fundamentals and see if we're doing it right. Keep reading cause it paves the way for some exciting stuff I promised earlier.

If you're going to sell anything on the internet, then you're going to need these 5 essential parts of a sales funnel:

1) Traffic Source
2) Lead Capture and Follow-up System
3) Sales Video
4) Order Page
5) Payment Processor

Traffic Sources are always an exciting subject cause people congregate in newer ways on the internet every day and it gives you, the marketer, a closer reach into serving their desires with your products and services. Blogs, SEO, social networks, banner networks, solo ads, JV's, apps, etc... The list of untapped traffic sources are literally endless for any given niche. The skill: FIND and POSITION your promise in the most desirable way for your visitors to show interest and move along to stage 2 of the funnel.

Lead Capture and Follow-up System: The visitor reaches a page on your website that offers a fantastic deal or fair trade in exchange for his/her Name and Email address. Congratulations! You now have a qualified PROSPECT who just gave their business card to you via the internet and the permission to send followups via email. The skill: Using sales psychology and tech to create systems that fulfill solutions and collects the prospect's contact info, thereby moving him/her along to stage 3.

Sales Video: The prospect is warm now. The sales video does what it was meant to do best: CLOSE THE SALE. In order to do this, a master salesman takes all their skills, a time-tested pitch that has already resulted in lots of sales and profits and transmutes to video form. This video multiplies his sales force by tens-of-thousands of times. The prospect is ready to buy and moves on to stage 4.

Order Page: The least talked-about but most important part of the sales process. The prospect has finally discovered the perfect solution that can make all their desires a reality. The next step is to SIGN-OFF. The physical application form has it's online equivalent: the order form. Once this is filled the prospect clicks the BUY NOW button, and moves to stage 5.

Payment Processor: Here's where all the magic happens. Credit card gets processed and money is successfully collected. Product gets delivered to customer. Everyone's happy. Touché!

End of fundamentals... That's it... Kapish.

Now, here's a question I've been meaning to ask you...

"Does it still seem romantic being that do-it-yourself superhuman Lone Ranger?"


"Would you rather position yourself as a smart, intelligent affiliate who forms strategic partnerships with merchants who have a battle-tested 5-step sales process --- thereby freeing your time to focus on money producing activities you love doing?"

Food for thought.

Siddharth Rajsekar
"Man On A Mission"

P.S. Many people come to me with breakthrough ideas to market. However, I've long learned, sadly, how few brilliant products see daylight cause they didn't have a good sales process. And each time that happens, I pray to that marketing God out there asking, "Why? Why didn't you give those brilliant inventors the marketing edge?"

As an affiliate, I have some rules engraved in stone. Some of them being:

1) Goodwill to everybody.
2) Always treat your customers like royalty.
3) Only make endorsements when a product has a good sales process.

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Today I worked really hard...

Had a lot of business development stuff to catchup in the first half.. Spent the rest of the day at EPCOT Theme Park.. 

Watch this crazy video as I take you thru the experience of their new sci-fi ride called "TEST TRACK"... one of the best futuristic experiences I've come across... ever!

Living the internet lifestyle...  

Today.. I realised the power of having a 'dream'. 

I experienced the magic of one man's imagination.. that has created a completely mind-blowing world here in Disney World..

Just like 'Walt Disney'... everyone has a dream.. but it's only that 1% of people actually take that step.. that leap of faith.. to chase after them. 

I've recorded this special video today to tell you, that you have the power in you to achieve what every you want in life.. You have the power to positively impact the world..

People look for tools and strategies outside for achieving success.. but I realised that the most powerful tool one can ever have is INSIDE... it's the power of having a "DREAM" and the power of making a "DECISION" to go after it...

When you 'decide' to take control of your life.. and put yourself in a mode of 'service'... that's when life changes.. and the magic starts to unfold..

And that's my mission:

Some people may think I’m crazy, but I actually travelled 9000 miles to attend this event here in Charlotte by  the Empower Network.

I got to meet some of the best names in the industry who are really cranking it online! People like:

  • Aaron Rashkin
  • Mike Hobbs
  • Lawrence Tam
  • Kevin & Melissa Knecht
  • and more..

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Yes, this is my first trip to the USA. Wanted to quickly share my thoughts about this place and my plans during this trip.

We're really keen on helping more and more people create a full time income online by just blogging.

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